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Math problems sorted by space science topic

Here you will find hundreds of math problems related to all of the major astronomical objects from asteroids and planets to galaxies and black holes! Click on the topic below to see which problems are available.

Earth | Moon | Sun | Planets | Stars | Universe | Space Travel | Astrobiology | Black Holes

Math problems sorted by grade level

If you are a teacher or just someone who enjoys mathematics challenges, these problems cover space science topics but are sorted more-or-less by the kinds of mathematics you will encounter from simple counting and fractions problems through calculus. Click on the grade bands below to see the collections of problems.

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Math problems sorted by NASA Mission

If you are looking for math problems specific to a particular mission's investigations, here you will find problems organized by NASA mission name. Click on the mission or program name in the grid below to go to the associated problem listing.

ACE | Cassini | Chandra | Dawn | Deep Impact | Fermi | GALEX | Grail | Hinode | Gravity Probe-B | Hubble | IBEX | IMAGE | InSight | Juno | Kepler | LADEE | Landsat | Lunar Orbiter | LRO | Manned Space Program | MMS | Curiosity | Mars Rovers" | MESSENGER | NEAR | New Horizons | RHESSI | SAGE-III | SCOOL |SOHO | SDO | Solar Probe Plus | Spitzer | STEREO | Terra | THEMIS | TRACE | Van Allen Belts Probe | Webb Space Telescope | WISE | WMAP | XMM |

Math problems sorted by Engineering Topics

If you are looking for math problems related to engineering topics, here you will find problems organized by topic areas. Click on the topic in the grid below to go to the associated problem listing.

Design Issues | Rocketry, Launches, and Launch Vehicles | Telescopes and Remote Sensing | Properties of Orbits | Data and Telemetry | Mission Planning | Spacecraft Design

Math problems related to NASA press releases

If you enjoy hearing about the many space science discoveries made by NASA missions, here are problems derived from a variety of press releases covering most NASA missions. [Enter here]