Introducing SpaceMath@NASA

SpaceMath@NASA will introduce you to the use of mathematics in today's scientific discoveries. Through press releases, citizen science and other hands-on projects, you will explore how even the simplest mathematics lets us explore the universe.

Featured Topic - Experimenting With Smartphone Sensors

Your smartphone has a dozen sensors that you can access using free apps. You can measure your acceleration, local temperature and magnetic fields, pressure and gravity just to name a few. Here are some interesting things you can do to get started!

Sound: ( Experimenters Guide )

  • Create a catalog of the loudness of things in your environment
  • Find the quietist place in your house or your environment

Magnetism: ( Experimenters Guide )

  • Map your magnetic environment and find the weakest place
  • Search for buried metallic treasure!

Light: ( Experimenters Guide )

  • Measure the brightness of things in your environment
  • Follow the change in sunlight intensity during the day and across seasons

Radiation: ( Experimenters Guide )

  • How radioactive is your environment?
  • What kinds of things produce the most radiation?