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Index of Problem Titles by Approximate Grade Band

Grades 3 to 5

Fun with Gears and Fractions

RBSP - A New Belt for the Van Allen Belts!

Hinode Observes a Solar Eclipse From Space

Curiosity -Telling Time on Mars

SDO-Solar Flares and the Stormy Sun Working with Areas of Rectangles and Circles

Grades 6 to 8

Landsat - Exploring Water Use in Kansas

RBSP Spacecraft Hears Dawn Chorus in Space - I

RBSP Spacecraft Hears Dawn Chorus in Space - II

RBSP Spacecraft Hears Dawn Chorus in Space - III

SDO Sees Coronal Rain - Estimating Plasma Speed

A Mathematical Model of Magnetic Field Lines - I

A Mathematical Model of Magnetic Field Lines - II

InSight � The Seismographic Station - Wave Arrival Times

Planck Mission Sees Ancient Universe Clearly

Curiosity Discovers an Ancient Mars River - Elementary

Hubble Extreme Deep Field - Counting Galaxies

Grail Spacecraft Create New Craters on the Moon

Space-X Exploring the Launch of the Falcon 9

Fermi Observatory and the Origin of Cosmic Rays

The Frequency of Large Meteorite Impacts

Kepler - Alpha Centauri Bb - A Nearby Extrasolar Planet

Curiosity Rover on the Move!

Curiosity - Exploring Gale Crater

Hubble - The Expanding Gas Shell of U Camelopardalis

Exploring Density, Mass and Volume Across the Universe

Hubble - A Distant Supernova Remnant Discovered

Landsat - NASA Satellite Takes Pictures of the Salton Sea

Scheduling Events in Time for Launch

Exploring a Possible InSight Landing Area on Mars

Comparing the InSight Landing Area to a City Block!

Exploring Temperature Change in Earth's Outer Crust

Exploring the InSight Lander Telemetry Data Flow

Seeing the Martian Surface with IDC

Telling Time on Mars - Earth Days and Mars Sols

The InSight Seismographic Station Solar Power System

The Work Area In Front of the Lander

Solar Electricity for a New Spacecraft

Investigating Juno's Elliptical Transfer Orbit

The Launch of the Juno Spacecraft

The Launch of the Juno Spacecraft - Ascent to Orbit

The MMS Satellites and Solar Power

Some Facts About the MMS Atlas Rocket

Launching the MMS Satellite Constellation into Orbit

The MMS Launchpad at Cape Canaveral

Stacking Four MMS Satellites Inside the Atlas Nosecone

Volume and Surface Area of an Octagonal MMS Satellite

The MMS Payload Up Close

The Acceleration Curve for the MMS Launch

The Orbit of the MMS Satellite Constellation

The RBSP Satellite - Working with Octagons

Radiation Belts Storm Probes - Telemetry Math

Exploring Gas Density in Space

Electricity from Sunlight

Exploring the Outer Atmosphere - Gas Density

Graphing a Snowflake Using Symmetry

The Surface Area of a Snowflake

Snowflake Growth Rates and Surface Area

Snow to Water Ratios

Snow Density and Volume

Snow Density, mass and Roof Failure

Exploring Energy and Temperature

Exploring Temperature and States of Matter

What is a Snowball's Chance on Mars?

Grades 9 to 12

Chandra - Giant Gas Cloud in System NGC 6240

Fermi - The Remarkable Gamma Ray Burst GRB 130427A

Hubble - Exploring the Most Distant Galaxies

Grail Satellites Create a Gravity Map of the Moon

Curiosity Uses X-Ray Diffraction to Identify Minerals

Hubble - An Enormous Stellar Spiral Pattern in Space

Curiosity Discovers an Ancient Martian River - Advanced

Hubble - Pluto's Fifth Moon

The Radioactive Dating of a Star in the Milky Way

Marsquake Energy and the Moment Magnitude Scale

Exploring Logarithms and the Richter Magnitude Scale

The Distance to the Martian Horizon

Exploring the Interior of Mars with Spheres and Shells

Exploring the Mass of Mars

Exploring Impacts and Quakes on Mars

Comparing the Heat Output of Mars and Earth

Exploring Heat Flow and Insulation

Radio Communications with Earth -The Earth-Sun Angle

Estimating the Mass of a Martian Dust Devil!

The InSight Seismographic Station - Wave arrival times

Solar Energy and the Distance of Juno from the Sun

The Speed of the Juno Spacecraft

Investigating the Elliptical orbit of Juno Around Jupiter

Investigating the Radiation Belts Around Jupiter

The Orbit of the MMS Satellite Constellation - Advanced

Measuring the Mass of Earth with the RBSP Satellites

Exploring the Donut-Shaped van Allen Belts

Estimating the Total Mass of the van Allen Belts

Measuring Earth's Magnetic Field in Space

Exploring the Density of Gas in the Atmosphere

How Clouds Form - Working with Rates of Change

Cloud Cover and Solar Radiation

Cloud Cover, Albedo, Transmission and Opacity


The Close Encounter to te Sun of Barnards Star

The Volume of a Lunar Impact Crater

How to Grow a Planet or a Raindrop!

A Mathematical Model of a Magnetic Field Line - III