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Index of Problem Titles by Approximate Grade Band

Grades 3 to 5

Exploring Black Holes 5-Mar

The Moon as a Black Hole 5-Mar

The Oldest Lunar Rocks 5-Mar

Grades 6-8

ISS and a Sunspot - Angular Scales

The Fastest Sea Level Rise in the United States

An Atom Counting Exercise

Calculating Molecular Mass

Counting Atoms in a Molecule

How Many Stars Are There?

Yes�It Moves!

Exploring a Full-sized Black Hole

Wacky Spacecraft Orbits - They only seem crazy!

Astronaut Bone Loss In Space

Earth's Polar Wander - The Chandler Wobble

Growing Grapes in the Middle of the Desert

A Flyby of Asteroid Lutetia 8-Jun

Hinode Discovers the Origin of White Light Flares

Kepler's First Look at Transiting Planets

Terra Spies a Major Glacier Break-Up

The Hexagonal Tiles in the Webb Telescope Mirror

Super-sizing the Webb Space Telescope Mirror

LRO Determines Lunar Cratering History

The Most Distant Supernova in the Universe

The Earth-like Planet Gliese 581g

Approaching Comet Hartley-2

LRO Makes a Temperature Map of the Lunar South Pole

Exploring the Cosmos with Supercomputers

Taking a Stroll Around a Martian Crater

Estimating the Diameter of the SN1979c Black Hole

Death Stars

The Crab Nebula - Exploring a Pulsar Up Close

The Changing Pace of Global Warming

A Galactic City in the Far reaches of the Universe

The Most Distant Objects in the Visible Universe

Earth-sized Planets by the Score!

Earth-like Planets and Habitable Zones

Habitable Zones and the Search for Goldilocks Planets

STEREO Spacecraft Give 360-degree Solar View

Cryo-testing the Webb Space Telescope ISIM

Estimating the Speed of a Tsunami

Exploring Radiation in Your Life

Lifestyles and Radiation Dose

Mercury and the Moon - Similar but different

Kepler Probes the Interior of Red Giant Stars

Estimating the Size and Mass of a Black Hole

Supercomputers - Modeling colliding neutron stars

The Space Shuttle - Fly me to the moon?

Dwarf Planets and Kepler's Third Law

Grades 9 to 12

The Cometary Planet - HD209458b

Black Holes - Hot Stuff!

A Black Hole Up Close

The Most Massive Stars Known

Meteorite Compositions - a matter of density

Significant Figures

The Cosmological Redshift - The light from a distant galaxy

Supercomputer Math - Getting the job done fast!

Celestial Fireworks near Cluster NGC-3603

The Sky is Falling? - Well not quite!

Close Encounters of the Asteroid Kind

6-Fold Symmetry and the Webb Space Telescope Mirror

Solar Probe Plus - Having a hot time near the sun!

Solar Probe Plus - Working with angular diameter

Deep Impact - Closing in on comet Hartley-2

Terra Satellite Measures Dangerous Dust

Seeing the Distant Universe Clearly

Estimating the Volume and Mass of Comet Hartley-2

A Mathematical Model of Water Loss from Comet Tempel-1

Gamma-ray Bubbles in the Milky Way

Hubble Detects More Dark Matter

X-Rays from the Hot Gas Near the SN1979c Black Hole

Investigating the Atmosphere of Super-Earth GJ 1214b

Probing the Lunar Core with Seismology

An Organism Based on Arsenic not Phosphorus

Planet Kepler 10b - A matter of gravity

Discovering Earth-like Worlds by their Color

The 2011 Japan Earthquake Rocks Earth

Exploring Nuclear Decay and Radiation Dose

Radiation Dose and Distance

Radiation Dose and Dose Rate

Gravity Probe-B - Testing Einstein Agani!

The Lens-Thirring Effect Near Massive Bodies

Taking a Log-Log Look at the Universe

Exoplanet Orbits and the Properties of Ellipses

Estimating the Temperatures of Exoplanets

Exponential Functions and the Atmosphere (calculus)

Estimating the Mass of Comet Hartley-2 (calculus)