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3-5 5 <p> Kepler Spies Five New Planets 3-5 69 <p> <b>Grades 6 to 8</b> <p> The Hand of Chandra 6-8 6 <p> The Martian Dust Devils 6-8 7 <p> Solar Storms Fractions and Percentages 6-8 8 <p> Energy at Home 6-8 9 <p> Carbon Dioxide Increases 6-8 10 <p> NASA Sees Carbon Dioxide 6-8 11 <p> Tempel-1 : Close-up of a Comet 6-8 12 <p> Exploring a High-Resolution Satellite Photo 6-8 13 <p> Some Famous Unit Conversion Errors 6-8 14 <p> Identifying Materials by their Reflectivity 6-8 15 <p> Chandra Spies the Longest Sound Wave in the Universe 6-8 16 <p> Details from an Exploding Star 6-8 17 <p> Changing Perspectives on the Suns Diameter 6-8 18 <p> Earths Changing Rotation Rate and Length of the Day 6-8 19 <p> Planetary Alignments 6-8 20 <p> Chandra Studies an Expanding Supernova Shell 6-8 21 <p> Counting Craters on the Hubble Space Telescope 6-8 22 <p> LRO Sees Apollo 11 on the Moon 6-8 70 <p> LRO and the Apollo-11 Landing Site 6-8 71 <p> LROs First Image of Mare Nubium 6-8 72 <p> LRO- Searching for Lunar boulders 6-8 73 <p> LRO Explores Lunar Surface Cratering 6-8 74 <p> IBEX Creates an Unusual Image of the Sky 6-8 75 <p> The Mysterious Hexagon on Saturn 6-8 76 <p> Scientific Data The gift that keeps on giving! 6-8 77 <p> Methane Lakes on Titan 6-8 78 <p> SDO: Measuring the Speed of an Eruptive Prominence 6-8 79 <p> SDO Reveals Details on the Surface of the Sun 6-8 80 <p> The Terra Satellite Spies the Gulf Oil Catastrophe of 2010 6-8 81 <p> Recent Events: A Perspective on Carbon Dioxide 6-8 82 <p> The Rate of Oil Leakage in the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010 6-8 83 <p> <b>Grades 9 to 11</b> <p> Satellite Drag and the Hubble Space Telescope 9-11 23 <p> Counting Galaxies with the Hubble Space Telescope 9-11 24 <p> The Eagle Nebula Close-up 9-11 25 <p> Angular Size and Similar Triangles 9-11 26 <p> ISS Orbit Altitude Changes 9-11 27 <p> Solid Rocket Boosters 9-11 28 <p> Evaluating Secondary Physical Constants 9-11 29 <p> Space Mobile Puzzle 9-11 30 <p> Spotting an Approaching Asteroid or Comet 9-11 31 <p> The Most Important Equation in Astronomy 9-11 32 <p> Solar Insolation Changes and the Sunspot Cycle 9-11 33 <p> Mare Nubium and Las Vegas 9-11 34 <p> Ice or Water? 9-11 35 <p> Water on Planetary Surfaces 9-11 36 <p> Modeling the Keeling Curve with Excel 9-11 37 <p> The Deep Impact Comet Encounter 9-11 38 <p> Spitzer Studies the Distant Planet Osiris 9-11 39 <p> How Hot is That Planet 9-11 40 <p> Scientists Track the Rising Tide 9-11 41 <p> Getting an Angle on the Sun and Moon 9-11 42 <p> Seeing Solar Storms in STEREO 9-11 43 <p> How to Build a Planet from the Inside Out 9-11 44 <p> Unit Conversions: Energy, Power and Flux 9-11 45 <p> The Elementary Particle Masses 9-11 46 <p> Energy and Mass Same things but different. 9-11 47 <p> Exploring the Large Hadron Collider 9-11 48 <p> Exploring the Big Bang with the LHC 9-11 49 <p> The Global Warming Debate and the Arctic Ice Cap 9-11 50 <p> Star LightStar Bright 9-11 51 <p> Fermi Detects Gamma-rays from the Galaxy Messier-82 9-11 52 <p> Webb Space Telescope: Detecting dwarf planets 9-11 53 <p> Computing the Orbit of a Comet 9-11 54 <p> LRO-The Apollo-11 Landing Area at High Resolution 9-11 84 <p> Spitzer Telescope Discovers New Ring of Saturn 9-11 85 <p> IBEX Uses Fast-moving Particles to Map the Sky 9-11 86 <p> Chandra Sees the Most Distant Cluster in the Universe 9-11 87 <p> Solid Rocket Boosters and Thrust 9-11 88 <p> Exploring the Ares-1X Launch: Downrange Distance 9-11 89 <p> Exploring the Ares-1X Launch: Parametrics 9-11 90 <p> Exploring the Ares-1X Launch: Energy Changes 9-11 91 <p> Exploring the Ares-1X Launch: The Hard Climb to Orbit 9-11 92 <p> Fermi Observatory Measures the Lumps in Space 9-11 93 <p> Calculating the Thickness of a Neutron Star Atmosphere 9-11 94 <p> Chandra Sees the Atmosphere of a Neutron Star 9-11 95 <p> Water on the Moon! 9-11 96 <p> LCROSS Sees Water on the Moon 9-11 97 <p> Seeing Solar Storms in STEREO 9-11 98 <p> STEREO Watches the Sun Kick Up a Storm 9-11 99 <p> Calculating Black Hole Power 9-11 100 <p> WISE, Hubble, Power Functions: A question of magnitude 9-11 101 <p> Hubble: Seeing a dwarf planet clearly 9-11 102 <p> SDO: Working with Giga, Tera and Peta 9-11 103 <p> Asteroids and Ice 9-11 104 <p> Hubble: The Changing Atmosphere of Pluto 9-11 105 <p> <b>Grades 11 to 12</b> <p> Estimating Maximum Cell Sizes 12 55 <p> A Simple Model for Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide 12 56 <p> From Dust Grains to Dust Balls 12 57 <p> From Dust Balls to Asteroids 12 58 <p> From Asteroids to Planets 12 59 <p> The Higgs Boson and the Mystery of Mass 12 60 <p> The Energy of Empty Space 12 61 <p> The Volume of a Hypersphere 12 62 <p> The Internal Density and Mass of the Sun 12 63 <p> How Many Stars are in the Sky 12 64 <p> Lunar Crater Frequency Distribution 12 65 <p> The Rotation Velocity of a Galaxy 12 66 <p> How Many Quasars are There? 12 67 <p> Deep Impact Comet Fly-by 12 68 <p> WISE; F(x)G(x) A tale of two functions 12 106 <p> Exploring Power-law Functions using WISE Data 12 107 <p> The Ares-V Cargo Rocket 12 108 <p> Hubble Spies Colliding Asteroids 12 109 <p> LRO Spots A Rolling Boulder on the Moon 12 110 </font> </div><!--class="full-width-content-item">--> <div class="divClear"></div> </div><!--id = maincontent--> <!-- MAIN CONTENT ENDS HERE --> <!--RIGHT SIDEBAR BEGINS HERE--> <div id="rightsidebar"> <div class="full-width-content-item"> </div><!--class="full-width-content-item"--> <div class="divClear"></div> <h2>Additional Compilations</h2> <p><b>Problems from previous years can be found at the links below.</p> <ul class="sub"> <li><a href="Year1.html">I - Problems 1 to 38</a></li> <li><a href="Year2.html">II - Problems 39 to 64</a></li> <li><a href="Year3.html">III - Problems 65 to 101</a></li> <li><a href="Year4.html">IV - Problems 102 to 148</a></li> <li><a href="Year5.html">V - Problems 149 to 233</a></li> <li><a href="Year6.html">VI - Problems 234 to 342</a></li> <li><a href="Year7.html">VII - Problems 343 to 428</a></li> <li><a href="Year8.html">VIII - Problems 429 - 478</a></li> <li><a href="Year9.html">IX - Problems 479 to 536</a></li> <li><a href="Year10.html">X - Problems 537 to Present</a></li> </ul> </div><!--full-width-content-item--> <!-- RIGHT SIDEBAR ENDS HERE --> </div><!--id="content-wrapper"--> </div><!--id="content"--> <div class="divClear"></div> <div id="footer"> <div> <a href="http://www.nasa.gov" class="imageLink"><img src="images/nasa_header_logo1.gif" alt="NASA Logo, National Aeronautics and Space Administration" width="140" height="98" /></a> </div><!--class="nasaLogo"--> <div id="footer-signature"> <a href="http://www.nasa.gov/goddard/" class="imageLink"><img src="images/goddardsignature2.png" height="68" /></a> </div><!--id="footer-signature--> <div class="nasafootlinks"> <ul> <li>Author: <a href="mailto:Sten.F.Odenwald@nasa.gov">Dr. Sten Odenwald</a></li> <li>NASA Official : <a href="mailto:Michelle.Thaller@nasa.gov">Dr. Michelle Thaller</a></li> </ul> </div><!--nasafootlinks--> <div class="nasafootlinks" id="footerRight"> <ul> <li> <a target="_blank" href="http://www.nasa.gov/about/highlights/HP_Privacy.html">Privacy Policy &amp; Important Notices</a> </li> <li> <a href="">Contact Us</a> </li> </ul> </div><!--nasafootlinks--> </div><!--id=footer--> </div><!--id="page"--> </div><!--id = page-wrapper--> </body> </html>