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Index of Problem Titles

How fast does the sun spin?

The Transit of Mercury

The Oscillation Period of Gaseous Spheres

Monster Sunspots!

NASA Juggles Four Satellites at Once

The Heliopause � A Question of Balance

A Mathematical Model of the Sun

A Problem in Satellite Synchrony

Scientific Notation I

Scientific Notation II

Scientific Notation III

Are You Ready for Sunspot Cycle 24?

Reality Check!

CME Kinetic Energy and Mass

Benfords Law

An Application of the Pythagorean Theorem

A Star Sheds a Comet Tail

XZ Tauri and the Super CME

Comet Encke Tail Disruption Event

Is There Ice on Mercury?

A Trillion Here..A Trillion There

Measuring Star Temperatures

The Moon�s Atmosphere

Black Holes � The Event Horizon

The Last Total Solar Eclipse�Ever!

Chandra Explores Angular Size

Spitzer Explores a Dusty Young Star

Spitzer Explores a Dying Star

How Big is a Lunar Crater?

Exploring a City from Space

Exploring the Mars Spirit Rover from Space